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Spring 2016 Finals

A little insight as to how North Seattle College Jewelry Finals go. A student is required to complete a piece for each assignment (i.e. Forging, stone setting, etc.). On finals day, all the students set out their completed pieces and samples. This Spring Quarter, finals day was huge! We had 2 intermediate classes, a few independent studies and 1 advanced class. I'd say it was the largest one I've ever been too. It was so neat to see what everyone had completed! Especially since I worked from home a lot this quarter. Here are a few students displays. I hope you enjoy!

We'll start with my display: I was in the advanced class in which we were required to produce a production line. I chose to create an orchid production line. Orchids have a special place in my heart. They represent gracefulness, tranquility, and peace. I'm intrigued how each species is completely different from the next. I hope to keep growing this production line and to reproduce the ones I've done in class.

Pendants Left to right: Lady of the Night, Butterfly Onchidium, Cinnabar Laelia

Pendants Left to Right: 2 Jewel Box, Lady of the Night.  Earrings left side below Jewel Box:  Lady of the Night and Cinnabar

More Advanced Students: Wenlei Hou

He included all his work from all classes. He graduated this quarter and is moving back to China. His interest is combining modern jewelry with ancient Chinese jewelry.

Back to front and left to right:  Pierced raised flower, Elephant Necklace, Butterfly Pendant, Dove Necklace, Phoenix Necklace, Dove Bracelet

Earrings, treasure box.

Lei's earrings are represented of this Chinese Jade Dragon Artifact. He carved it out of wax and casted.

Chinese Jade Artifact (
Left to Right:  Casted Dragon Rings, treasure box, Brooch, Bull Pendant, Casted Rings, Scorpion

The 3 rings in front are rings he carved and casted this Spring. He also made the Bull Pendant with a Lapis stone. It was so exciting to see his work and I'll miss seeing his pieces.

Morgan Soderlund

Front to back and left to right:  2 raised bowls and the patterns she started off with.  11 carved and casted rock rings.

Morgan's work amazes me. She carved several rock rings and each one is different. Raising the bowls is a long and painstaking process of hammering. I can not do her Artist's Statement justice, so I won't bear repeating it at this time. She learned Keum Boo Spring Quarter, which is burnishing gold foil to silver.

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