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Trip to Tacoma Art Museum

In my second quarter of Jewelry Design we took a trip to the Tacoma Art Musuem as they were having a Jewelry Exhibition. This exhibition focused on Jewelry as a form of protection. It was interesting to see another use for jewelry other than adornment.

If I remember correctly, these were both supposed to be worn as 2 finger rings. The stakes reached out past your hand. Yikes!

This piece actually has a miniature sword sticking out of it (took the wrong angle for the picture). It is a ring.

This is an amulet with a anatomical heart in the middle.

A necklace that drapes over you. The artist weaved thousands of chains together.

This piece reminded me of tulips that had long vines hanging off of them. One of my favorite pieces.

Did you know that the Tacoma Art Museum has a regular Jewelry Display? This is one of my favorite pieces. I'll definately have to make a visit to see the regular Jewelry Display.

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