Trinity Knot with Emerald

This was a custom order. The customer requested a trinity knot pendant with the provided Emerald. Sterling Silver pendant and chain.

Apatite Brass Dangles.

$35.00 3-4mm Apatite gemstones hang from various sizes of chain. Sterling Silver and brass Click picture to purchase.

Swirl Double Bar Earrings

$24.00 Sterling Silver Swirl Double Bar Earrings. Each swirl is facing opposite of the other allowing the earrings to swing from the ear wire. Measurements: Large swirl bar: 1 1/4 inches Small swirl bar: 1 inch Click picture to purchase.

Blue Lace Agate Pendant

$170.00 Blue Lace Agate Pendant is enfolded in a sterling silver claw setting. I love making claw settings for stones due to its simplicity so the stone gets all the attention. Measurements: Height: 1 3/4 inches Width: 3/4 inches Click picture to purchase.

Chalcedony Rose Pendant

$170.00 Chalcedony Rose Pendant is encased with sterling silver in a claw setting. Pendant includes an 18" sterling silver chain. Click picture to purchase.

Sunflower Pendant

$34.00 Brass flower adorned with a chocolate Brown silk string. This pendant has a very special purpose. I created it with the intentions of cheering up a little girl going through brain cancer treatment. Click picture to purchase.

Brass Shark tooth earrings $30

$40.00 Sterling silver ear wires, Brass, and lepodolite. Click picture to purchase.

Brass Circle, Shark tooth pdt $40

Brass, Sterling Silver, Lepidolite, and silk string $40 Click picture to purchase

Fancy Jasper Necklace

$105 Fancy Jasper, Copper, Brass Click picture to purchase.

Bronze Orchid Necklace

Bronze leaf and flower, copper wire.

Monarch Butterfly Cuff

Copper, sterling silver, colored pencil Custom order - Not for sale

Monarch Butterfly

Copper, sterling silver, colored pencil Custom order - Not for sale

Monarch Butterfly

Copper, sterling silver, colored pencil Custom order - Not for sale

Triple Heart Pendant

Brass, Sterling Silver, Pearls

Mother/Daughter Heart Pdt $65

$65 Bronze, Sterling Silver and Pearl Click picture to purchase.

Plumeria earrings

Bronze and Sterling Silver

Lg Plumeria Pdt

$60.00 Sterling Silver, Bronze Click picture to purchase.

Small Plumeria

Bronze and Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver

Tangled Starfish

Bronze and copper

Pitted Heart

Brass, yellow topaz, yellow glass pearls, sterling silver wire

Spring Equinox

Sterling Silver, Czech glass beads, 4mm Alexandrite

Jewel Box Orchid

Bronze, nylon brown rope


Sterling silver, brass

Change of Plane Earrings

Hand forged sterling silver with a Sterling Silver wire wrapped around each earring.

Box for Grandma

Box for Grandma

Brass and Bronze. The top swivels open. This box was made as my final project in my first Jewelry Design class. it is made to hold my grandmother's bracelet that was given to me.

Ocean Waves

Bronze and Sterling silver. This piece was inspired by the blue ocean in Hawaii.

Ocean Waves


Brass and Copper riveted together.

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